Brickser Promocat, more than just new build property developments


Why more than just new build property developments? Because we have you in mind. In fact, you are our source of inspiration, as everything we do, we do with your needs, comfort and satisfaction in mind. Only by doing this can we design houses that are able to become your home.


About us

Brickser Promocat has years of experience in constructing and developing high quality properties for its customers. We are the result of the merger between SERVIDEL and PROMYSA, two companies that specialise in the property and construction sectors. It is a union based on creating value exclusively for people.

Founded in 1993, SERVIDEL is a company focused on civil works construction (public and private) and infrastructure maintenance. It offers a wide range of services to the construction and tourism sectors through the different businesses that come under its name. PROMYSA, on the other hand, started its journey back in 1971 and has since continued to broaden its activities. The group is made up of a number of businesses that offer a wide range of services to the property and sports centre sectors.

And you, would you like us to dedicate ourselves to your home?

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Our reason for being is you. We are dedicated to comprehensively developing person-oriented real estate products, with the aim of building and offering the best new build property developments. We create inspiring spaces which are quality, homely and comfortable, ideal for starting your new life project.


We want to be a company of reference in the new build residential development sector, set apart from the rest for our quality, human touch and experience. We aspire for people to turn to us if they are after quality new builds, needs satisfaction, professionalism and a person-oriented service. We want to be synonymous with enthusiasm, confidence and peace of mind when it comes to buying a new home.


Keeping the occupants in mind

We build houses with their future occupants in mind, as a home is made from a house with a heart.

Personalised advice and care

A personalised service is the first step towards understanding your real needs.

Highly qualified team of individuals

You need people in order to understand people, just like those who are part of our team.

We like quality

We apply very strict quality criteria with a focus on your satisfaction.

Respect for the surrounding area

We understand that constant growth is only viable if it is carried out in a sustainable fashion.

Flexibility and ability to adapt

We work hard to adapt to your pace and needs.

Constant growth

Capitalising on experience helps us to constantly improve, as well as offer more and better services.

Current developments


Sant Feliu de Llobregat


From €340,000

3, 4 and 5 bedrooms

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And you, would you like us to dedicate ourselves to your home?

Get in touch! We will be delighted to help.

Call us: 625 467 358

Write to us: